Research Services and Instrumentation for Metereology and Environment.
Nubila is a spin-off company devoted to services and research in meteorology, atmospheric physics, remote sensing, earth observation and environmental sciences.
The direct connection with university departments and academic research ensures a prompt technological transfer to the application domain and original approach to the different solutions.
Nubila is actually involved on following fields:
Meteorological Instrumentation
Meteorology and applications
Atmospheric Physics
Air quality (pollution diffusion and removal, air quality etc ...)
Earth Observation
Franco Prodi, CEO Nubila S.a.s
Nubila S.a.s. Main Office
Via Emilio Zago, 2
40128, Bologna, Italy
Phone/Fax: +39 051 9920206
Personal Phone: +39 3356558851
Nubila S.a.s. Warehouse Matteotti, 9
42020, San Polo d’Enza (RE), Italy
Phone/Fax: +39 052 21472718
Personal Phone: +39 3356558851