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PLUDIX system has a software pack that includes 3 main programs which allow to communicate with the Signal Process Unit, read, store, analyse and manipulate data.

The program pack works on Windows based systems, but can be easily interfaced with a different OS based systems.


Plusemas is the most complete program of the software pack. It allows to communicate with the Signal Process Unit, set the SPU state, and download data though the serial port connection. The program allows to monitor in real time the weather conditions. Moreover, once the data have been downloaded, allows to display them, modify, compare and save. The program can load also data previously stored on memory mass devices.



Pluvisio is the ideal tool to monitor in real time the state of the sensor and its output. It has the same import capabilities of PLUSEMAS (direct connection though serial port, possibility to import data from mass memory storage), but it's lighter.



Readplx is the ideal tool to manipulate recorded data. It opens files stored through PLUSEMAS or PLUTRANS (see below), allows to analyze, cut, manupilate and save different datasets.


This software has been developed to compress data dowloaded from the SPU through FTP and make them readable using READPLX and PLUVISIO.


A new program that allows using PLUDIX as a present weather sensor (using WMO code as output) will be released soon