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PLUDIX has been involved in different measuring campaigns and is actually present on different sites.

PLUDIX has not active measuring campaign running.

PLUDIX has had a part in different measurement campaigns:

KNMI BBC2 Campaign (comparison between different disdrometers to study the micro-structure of precipitation)
July - August 2003

Configuration: Standard configuration.

Link 1: BBC2 Campaign
Link 2:
BBC2 Campaign (Uni-Bonn)


October 2000 - April 2003

The instrument worked for 2 and half years as part of a Present Weather Sensor testing campaign.


October 2000 - April 2003

The instrument worked for 2 and half years as part of the TRMM Calibration Campaign in standard configuration.

GERMANY : June 17 - July 17 2002

An independent customized system was developed. A personal computer was connected to the SPU through the serial port, and a dedicated software was developed in order to produce a fully automatic self-standing system. The system was formed by:

1 complete PLUDIX system (sensor + SPU)

1 PC based on Ms Windows

READPLX running

A serial cable

Dedicated Software

External power supply

The system worked correctly for one month with no data loss.



(October 1, 2002 - March 2003)

PLUDIX was sent to ANTARCTICA last October 13 with the aim to evaluate its performances in the monitoring of thin iced precipitation (small ice crystals).

The developed system had to satisfy very restrictive environmental requirements (external temperature drops down to -70°C during the winter season). Moreover the complete PLUDIX system and the PC are positioned outside, so a complete thermally isolated system has to be developed. A system different than the one developed for the German campaign was studied. The system was formed by:

Complete PLUDIX system (sensor + SPU)

PC based on Linux OS (with 6 months storage capability)

A 4 ports hub

Temperature Control system (microcontroller + warming plates)

Thermal isolated box

External ethernet connection (to allow accessing to the system by means of a laptop and also dowloading data)

Dedicated software

External power supply

The system is planned to work independently for up to 6 months, with self storing capability of more than 1.2 GB. On can see the complete system ion the following pictures.

The thermal isolated box, the external interfaces (power supply cable, sensor cable and ethernet interface). The whole system is inside the box.

Top view. From above, heating plates (red), SPU, hub and PC.

The thermal microcontroller.

PLUDIX in Antarctica. See pictures Below:

PLUDIX has been located atop of a metallic structure to avoid that the instrument will be covered by the falling snow.

The elaboration/storage unit has been placed in a quite protected corner.

Antarctica Precipitation Measurement

Here you can see one of the first events recorded by PLUDIX on November 26 2002 (1 hour; 1 minute time resolution). Thin snow has been observed and well-defined peeks on the frequency diagram show how the iced precipitation is formed by few icy particle types (discrete size distribution).