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PLUDIX has different measurement capabilities.


Detection and characterization of precipitation

The detection and characterization of a precipitation and its characterization in PLUDIX is based on the fact that each precipitation type (rain, snow, hail) has its own Doppler spectrum. So for each precipitation type a different algorithm is selected to determine size distribution and intensity.


Disdrometric function

The instrument measures the size of the hydrometeors falling in a well defined volume (about 3 m high and 1 m wide) above it.

The hydrometeors are classified in variable size intervals (e.g. 0.3 mm for intermediate size drops). In each size the average concentrations (m-3) and its contribution to the total precipitation intensity (in mm h-1) is given.


Rain gauge function

By integration of the disdrometric function the instrument is providing the instantaneous rainfall rate and the total amount in a given time interval.

Technical Characteristics

PLUDIX technical characteristics are listed below:

External Dimensions:

Sensor 60(h) x 40 (diam) cm

Signal Process Unit 10 x 20 x 40 cm

Sensor 4 Kg

Signal Process Unit 2 Kg
Power Consumption: 16 W

PLUDIX has 3 different connection ways that allow to communicate with the signal process unit and allow to download data:

Serial Port RS232C


Modem connection

A dedicated software pack has been developed to establish a direct connection between a PC and the singal process unit, to visualize and store data though the all three connection ways.