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Atmospheric Physics analyses are mainly focused on:

Meteorological fields analysis for small site characterization

This is an example of wind field analysis around the Palermo - Punta Raisi Airport area, Sicily.

The first picture below shows a map of the considered site with interpolated wind field superimposed. Blue circles represent the 12 measuring stations which surround the airport (May 22nd, 2001).

Second picture shows the wind divergence field at the surface. There are ascending areas (div<0) and descending areas (the opposite); this is one of the most intense events recorded over a period of three years (1999 - 2001, one record every 10 seconds): wind field was intense and orography played a major impact (in the southern part there is a hill 900 m height). Despite to this peculiar event, on exists some events that, even with strong wind fields (v>20 m/s) produce ease divergence maps.


Meteorological fields analysis for atmospheric physics purposes



Data from meteorological radars, pluviometer networks, disdrometers and other instruments for different purposes (radar calibration, precipitation characterization, basin catchments studies, hydrological risk evaluations)