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Nubila has been subcontractor of Kayser-Threde (a German company) on the Dust Particle Facility (DPF) Phase A study.

The study has started on October 2001 and is focused on the feasibility study of the Multi-User Facility on the International Space Station (DPF).

This facility aims to satisfy the experimental requirements of the "Interactions in Cosmic and Atmospheric Particle Systems (ICAPS) scientific community.

ICAPS is a scientific programme to study the interactions in cosmic and atmospheric particle systems under microgravity.

ICAPS experiments aim to help answering many scientific questions, from planetary formation to atmospheric cleansing processes by clouds and precipitations. Investigations will affect aerosol technology, material science, paper industry, particle characterization, planetary atmospheres studies, pollution removal, weather and climate studies.

Six Central Research Topics have been identified defined by scientific subjects and purposes. Five of them are experimental CRTs:

- CRT 1: Aerosol Microphysics

- CRT 2: Phoretic Effects

- CRT 3. Mutual Interactions of Dust Particles/ Agglomerates/ with Different Velocity Fields

- CRT 4: Physical Properties of Regoliths

- CRT 5: Optical and Morphological Properties of Aggregates

One of them is a theoretical CRT:

- CRT 6: Validity of classical radiative transfer theory and various light scattering methods in modeling

Translation between experimental requirements and technical requirements has been our job.

For further information on ICAPS scientific goals and activities see: