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Nowadays that technology is developing faster and faster, earth observation techniques from space are becoming the most important tools in either scientific and industrial fields. Many parameters can be extracted from satellite borne sensors, like chemical components, atmospheric profiles, precipitation rates and so on. Our broad experience on geostationary, low and middle orbit polar satellites developed in research environments has been applied to different sectors.

GOES Visible
GOES enhanced IR
MODIS enhanced Channel 31
METEOSAT visible
METEOSAT-SSM/I cloud classification
SSM/I 85 GHz Vertical polarization

Many applications can be envisaged by means of satellite pictures.

Geochemical information can be extracted like:

Chemical components distribution (ozone, ...)

Soil coverage (vegetation indexes, low vegetation, canopy, ...)

Moreover geographical applications (coming from high resolution - low orbit passive and active sensors) can be easily extracted.